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Welcome to the Redding Software Carr Fire Recovery page. On this page you can volunteer to help transport Carr Fire evacuees, request transportation assistance if you are an evacuee, accept the Carr Fire challenge, find useful resources, or request help finding financial assistance of you are a Carr Fire victim. This is a temporary page while a permanent website is being constructed.

We hope and pray that no additional lives will be lost by this horrific tragedy. We would also like to thank the brave emergency personnel that continue to risk their lives to protect our town.

Transportation Information

Anyone that lives in an area that has previously been ordered to evacuate should leave immediately. If you do not have a vehicle and you need assistance evacuating an area that has been ordered to evacuate call 911. Volunteers will only be transporting people to shelters from areas that were recently ordered to evacuate. Volunteers will drive you to an evacuation shelter or to a safe location of your choosing. Volunteers will also drive evacuees that are staying at shelters wherever they need to go. For example, volunteers are able to drive evacuees to the pharmacy. The Red Cross is not allowed to transport people so this service is very vital. We are staying in contact with the shelters so that they know that volunteers are available. Redding Software has partnered with the Drunk Driving Prevention Program (DDPP). The DDPP is managing all of the volunteer drivers. The DDPP is a national 501(c)3 charity that transports intoxicated people home for free near military instillations.

You can click the buttons below to volunteer or to request transportation. If you are requesting assistance please be advised that volunteers only receive a basic online criminal history check. If you are requesting assistance you must agree to take on any risk that is associated with asking for assistance from strangers. Neither Redding Software nor the Drunk Driving Prevention Program is liable for any actions taken by volunteers or by people requesting assistance. We are simply providing a free service to connect people with volunteers.

If you know someone that needs assistance evacuating that does not have access to the internet they can call us at (530)444-9398 and press 1.

Support Services

Evacuation Shelters

Click here for a list of evacuation shelters. The Red Cross and other organizations have set up emergency evacuation shelters for victims of the Carr Fire. If you need assistance with transportation to a shelter we can provide a ride for you. If you would like to donate a physical item such as water, clothing, hand sanitizer, or other materials please bring your donation directly to the shelter. At Shasta College the United Way is handling all physical donations. You can make a monetary donation by contacting the American Red Cross.

Carr Fire Challenge

Take the Carr Fire challenge. Redding Software is challenging local business owners to donate a portion of their profits from the month of August to Carr Fire charities. Redding Software is also challenging individuals to pledge a portion of their paycheck to Carr fire charities. We are challenging other local businesses' and individuals to pledge 10%, 5%, or 2.5% of their profits or paycheck for the month of August. Redding Software is willing to start this campaign by pledging 20% of our total sales for the month of August to the United Way's Shasta County Fire Relief Fund. Any company or individual that is willing to take the pledge will be listed on this website.

How Carr Fire Challenge Works

The way the Carr Fire challenge works is that you sign up here and then post on your Facebook page that you are accepting the Carr Fire challenge. Once you've accepted the challenge tag 3 friends or businesses' and invite them to accept the challenge as well. We also encourage Shasta County residents to try to patronize the businesses' that are willing to take the Carr Fire Challenge. We also encourage you to thank individuals that take the Carr Fire Challenge. The only way that we are going to get thought this crisis is together. We know that the residents of Shasta County will come together to show their love and support for the victims of this horrendous disaster. If you are a victim of this horrible tragedy we are here for you.

Financial Assistance

We are here to connect Carr Fire victims with charities and individuals that would like to assist them. People that have had their homes damaged or destroyed can sign up here. We will then share their story with someone that took the Carr Fire Challenge and requested that we find someone for them to donate to. We will not reveal the victims contact information. We will only share name and their story. Anyone applying for financial assistance through this website must also apply for financial assistance from the United Way by submitting an application which can be found here. Instructions for the application can be found here. The United Way then vets each application that is sent to them. As long as the Victims application is approved by the United Way, donors will be able to specify that you would like your donation to go to a specific victim. Your donation must be made directly to the United Way's Shasta County Fire Relief Fund.

We Are Stronger Together