Volunteer Agreement

◈ I would like to volunteer to help evacuate people that live near the Carr Fire. I am volunteering of my own free will.

◈ I understand that by its very nature assisting strangers evacuate in order to escape a fire is very risky. I accept full responsibility for that risk.

◈ I agree that Redding Software is in no way liable for anything that happens to me or my property while I am helping people evacuate.

◈ I understand that Redding Software is simply connecting me with people that need assistance evacuating.

◈ I agree that Redding Software is not responsible for my safety or for my wellbeing.

◈ I agree that I will only assist people that live in areas that have not yet been ordered to evacuate. I agree to immediately leave if the area that I'm in becomes an evacuation area. I will not continue to pack up the house that I'm at.

◈ I agree that I do not have any physical or medical issues that may be aggravated by helping people evacuate.

◈ I consent to a background check. I have never been arrested and I do not have a criminal record.

◈ I agree that I will not seek legal or civil action against Redding Software.

◈ I agree that if I violate this agreement by seeking legal or civil action against Redding Software I will pay Redding Software's legal fees in the amount of $300 per hour.