Restaurant Pricing

Straight forward pricing with no hidden fees

Call for a quote your price will change depending on what features you choose

This package includes:
◈Online Reservations
◈Customer loyalty accounts
◈Customer Data Storage
◈24 months of unlimited updates and technical support
◈You own the website forever
◈State-of-the-art cyber security
◈Automatic text message with reservation reminders to customers
◈The ability to send custom text messages to your loyalty rewards customers
Text messages only cost $0.01 per text. A $2 per month fee is required for the use of your phone numbers.
◈Automatic phone call appointment reminders to customers
Outgoing phone calls only cost $0.01 per minute.
◈ A toll free and local phone number that customers can call to book reservations, cancel reservations, hear your hours of operation and location, or be connected to a member of your staff
Toll free incoming phone calls only cost $0.03 per minute and $0.01 for outgoing calls.
◈Basic financial tracking of expenses, deposits, and accounts receivable.
◈Online ordering and payment processing (We will work with your current credit card processing company so that you will not have to change companies)

Additional fees at all tiers:

After your first 2 years you will pay $12 per year for the domain name for your website if you do not already own it.
If your website requires a phone number for texting or voice you will pay $2 per month for your phone numbers. Your phone numbers will only be able to forward calls and do not include a land line or cell phone plan.
If your website is a high traffic website or if you need to store an unusually large amount of data you may have additional fees from Google. You will also pay $5 per month per email to Google to use G-Suite.

Payment Plans

We can help you with applying for a buisness loan.

Prorated Refunds

We offer all of our clients prorated refunds if you decide that you no longer want your website prior to using it for 1 year. For each month short of 1 year we will refund you 1/12th of your total bill. If one of our sales representatives met with you and provided you with a promo code then you are not required to pay a deposit. If you found us online there is a 20% non-refundable deposit.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

If you are not happy with you site we will change it until you are happy. Since you do not have to pay unless you are happy with the site it is in our best interested to make sure that you get exactly what you want from your website. If you don't like the way something looks we will change it. If you do not like the way a feature works we will change it. We want your site to be as user friendly and as useful as possible.