Take full advantage of modern technology

More Than A Website

At Redding Software we don't just build websites. What we are actually building for you is web based software that is capable of handling virtually all of your computer based business needs. If there is something that you'd like your website to be able to do, we can likely make it happen.

Do you want to track your inventory online? We can allow you to do that in a manner that lets you access the data securely from anywhere. Do you want to be able to easily track your financial data? We can allow you to do that.

The great part about us building an enterprise system for you is that all of your data will be able to interact seamlessly. Let's say that you want to track your inventory, sales data, and a customer profile. Now assume that you input that a particular customer purchased a new BBQ from you. Your inventory would automatically be decreased by that model of BBQ. Your financial records would be updated to reflect the sale. That customer's personal profile would also be updated to show their purchase history. All of this would take place with you only having to make a few clicks on your screen. We're here to save you're valuable time and to make your life easier.


Your webserver will send a text, email, and to make a computer generated phone call to your clients to remind them of their appointments. If a client isn't going to be able to make it to their appointment they are able to easily cancel the appointment. If you have a missed appointment fee they will be notified of the fee prior to being able to cancel.

Customer Data Management

Your customers will be able to create personal profiles through your website. In their accounts they can update personal information, make or cancel appointments, view their order history, and be allowed to see any other information that you'd like to make available only to them. Your staff will also be able to access their account information and any other data that you have saved about that client so that if they speak to the client they are able to help them as best as they possibly can.

Online Payments

We can set up online payments directly through your website. We will work with whatever company that you use to process credit cards so that you don't need to sign up with someone new. Your customers will be able to securely pay invoices or make online purchases. If you're a restaurant owner you'll be able to allow customers to order their food online. If you're a retailer you'll be able to reach a whole new market by selling online.